Sample Engineering Drawing





• Microwave Ready to Cook Pouches (Patent Pending)

• New Milk bags without PAA, with very slight odor inside

• New adaptor for direct pumping easier (Patent pending)

• New plastic Holder to make breast feeding in the milk storage bag possible (Patent pending)

• Reusable Sandwich Bag


• Baby food spout pouch with spoon (Both pouch & spoon are patented)

• Single layer of pouches with wide-side seals to make recycle easier

• Overcome PP as the inner layer of laminated zipper bag to be leakproof as well

• Had own double zipper extruding production line


• Created visual detectors to make 100% inspection on bag-making process automatically

• Developed new breast milk storage with direct pumping feature

2009 ~ 2016

• Over 10 new products were developed and got over 5 patents for improvement on new products and improvement of equipment


• R&D created, developed breast milk storage bag & Oven bag successfully

Post time: Oct-16-2019