Microwave Steaming Bags

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Application:  Use to cook or reheat vegetables, fish, foodstuff etc at microwave oven.With microwave steaming bags getting healthy, great tasting food to the table just takes minutes.

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Material: PET/RCPP laminated, meet FDA and EU standards

Size: 8″ x 10″ , or custom made 

Thickness:  52-75 mu

Printing:  Up to 8 pantone gravure printing colors

Sealing: Wide side sealed


l Laminated material, strong

l Microwave oven and boiling water safe

l Ziplock, reclosable, having special slit to allow venting

l Retains nutrients and natural food moisture, flavor

l Free-standing base

l Simply cooking, no more waiting for water to boil or clean up, no messy pots and pans to clean

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