Oven Turkey Bags, Slow Cooker Liners

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Application:  Use to cook or re-heat in conventional oven, microwave oven, boiling, freezing, storing leftover food etc, also good solution for airlines foods

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Material: Polyester, BPA Free, meet FDA and EU standards

Size:  25 x 38cm, 35 x 43cm, 45 x 55cm, 25 x 55cm, 55 x 60cm are common sizes, custom made are available too

Thickness: 12 mu 

Color:  Clear, printed with high resistance ink is available

Sealing: Heat Sealing 


l High temperature resistance up to 204°C/400°F

l Safe in conventional oven and microwave oven, reduce rise of food contamination

l Easy cooking, help meat brown without having to baste

l Retains nutrients and natural food moisture, flavor

l Prevents fats from splashing to help keep pans clean

l Save time and money by eliminating, soaking and scrubbing pans 


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